DUI probation before judgement (PBJ)?

Can anyone provide experiences of someone who plead guilty to first time DWI and received PBJ / probation (unsupervised) and how it affected their secret or top secret security clearance? Incident was self reported and DSS requested new sf-86. No prior arrests and/or alcohol incidents and 99% clean sf-86. Alcohol education program in progress before court date. I have searched extensively for this on this forum but people never come back and tell us the final disposition of their clearance disposition.

Thanks for sharing. I have been researching the DOHA website for similar cases to ours for 1st time offenses but every case that I come across on that website either has multiple issues and/or convictions for DUI. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. Question? for your plea deal did you get supervised or unsupervised probation?

Yes we think alot. I have self volunteered myself into AA meetings, currently practicing abstinence to alcohol, and will complete Alcohol Education program. I have also had a private consultation with a security clearance lawyer. I cant afford to lose my clearance. So i have decided to spend the money on a security clearance lawyer if it comes down to it. Competition is stiff in private industry and you will be working much harder for less pay. Finding a job with a clearance takes a few weeks where in private industry it could be a month or 2 if not more.

@Humpy - if this is your only issue and you abide by the conditions of your plea deal - you will likely be cleared. For future reference - adjudicators, when examining criminal charges, examine the facts of the case and make a suitability determination based on said facts. They generally don’t care about plea deals, dismissed charges, etc.

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Question. I am up for renewals with a PR due early next year. Does the investigation for this incident which required me to complete a new sf-86 counts toward my PR or is this only a limited scope investigation.