Have 2 recent DUIs that have been dismissed. Can I

I received 2 DUIs in late June that were dismissed without prejudice. They can refile until June 29 of the next year. I am wanting to know, can I get any type of security clearance. I was to have gotten a job where they were going to get me an interim clearance. Because of the DUIs I know That would not have happened. Now that they are dismissed without prejudice, I have many opportunities to work but need to be able to obtain a security clearance
Is this possible?

I can’t answer your question directly, but I can tell you that the people here who might be able to will need more information about the circumstances.

Why were the charges dismissed? Did you go into a diversion program? If you did not, get into counseling NOW. Document everything that happened. Where were you drinking? Why? Where were you driving? Why were you pulled over? What was your BAC? Did you retain a lawyer to represent you? What happened in court? Do you have a drinking problem? Do you have what your investigator will think is a drinking problem? How old are you? Have you ever been in any trouble before? How’s your credit? Gambling?

The answers to these questions can push your adjudication in one direction or the other. You have set yourself a difficult task and it’s going to take time for you to work through the system, perhaps only to find out that you can’t get cleared for a few years.

Find a job that does NOT require a clearance and keep your nose clean. Don’t allow any thing that has happen so far create financial issues that will add to your problems.

Good luck . . . Trust me, I know how things happen even when they do not represent who we actually are . . .