Help! Interagency transfer to DOD/Possible Clearance Issue

I’m going through pre-employment phase of a tentative offer for DOD GS7 civilian pay tech. My current agency is public trust/no security clearance(ANACI?). This new position is non critical sensitive (secret?).
The HR rep for new position is telling me that they will be getting a security clearance waiver so I can start asap.
I have a current chapter 13 bankruptcy (11 months into it so far) and am worried this will cause an issue in regards to getting the permanent clearance which would result in me being terminated if I’m correct.
Would it be in my best Interest to notify the HR rep about the bankruptcy and ask to wait for the permanent clearance to go through first before starting? I have 24yrs and counting of service and last thing I need is to leave 1 job to go to another and possibly become unemployed.

How did things go? Did your bankruptcy end up being an issue?