Security waiver?

I have a tentative job offer for a DOD GS position and it states non-crititcal sensitive but must be able to obtain secret. I’d be doing interagency transfer and current position is public trust. My email from HR states that security waiver will be initiated. What exactly is a waiver? Is it same as interim? I’m 1 yr into a chapter 13 and am concerned about taking this position only to lose it because I cant get the clearance. I’ve read somewhere that states a waiver can be used to get/keep someone even if there are items that normally would keep individual from gaining clearance. Is that right?

Chapter 13 is a repayment bankruptcy as you well know. It is looked upon more favorably since you have taken action to honor your just debts. Security waiver is something your agency is doing with the receiving agency. You may at some point be asked to complete the equip same as you did for your PT position.

I’m a little nervous taking the waiver(if approved) because I’ve read where people come on board with waiver/interim only to be terminated when full investigation is complete. But I’m sure if I were to ask to wait until fully cleared they’d withdraw the TO correct? Since it’s a payroll GS DOD position would it be worthwhile to maybe mention the BR to HR manager? Or would they see it during waiver request?

In order to see the CH 13 I believe they need to access PACER the Federal Program for federal courts. I do not recall if CH 13 shows on a Credit Report. It is like this ,if you passed the SF-85 PT with the CH 13 I do not see where not would be an issue on the SF86. The process takes in the person as a whole. It is not determined upon one snapshot of an individuals life. If we were to do that there would be many openings in the FEDS. If your CH 13 is your only issue I personally do not see that as much of a problem from an Investigators stand point. That said it all depends on the agency and the adjudicator for whom you are going to work for and what their guidelines are.

all BRs are on your credit report and available to anybody, it is a public record.

If your finances and the required payments are made on time you should not have an issue. But you must remain on time and not miss any payments. Bankruptcy by itself doesn’t hurt, behavior prior and post do.

We’ve been making the chapter 13 payments ok time. Of course the year prior to us filing we were behind on everything but vehicles and mortgage. Tried to dig ourselves out of the hole ourselves but just was overwhelmed which is why we filed the chapter 13. So hopefully they’ll see that and it wont be an issue.

I though it was but had not seen one in a while.

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Just got off of phone with HR specialist at gaining station. He says waiver is approved. When I asked about e-qip he said on day I’m brought on board they’ll have me do that along with fingerprints, etc. When I questioned him about my concern regarding permanent clearance he stated I should contact gaining supervisor/manager about that. And they’re wanting to bring me on by end of this month. I feel very uncomfortable telling new manager/supervisor that I’m in chapter 13 and am worried about getting permanent clearance. Any suggestions?

Contact gaining unit. Speak to both HR and Security rep. If you are sitting somewhat okay now…meaning you have a job…one in the hand is worth two in the bush. Personally I like having a vine in hand before Tarzan gives up the one he is on…so I would pull back a tad, file, get through the bankruptcy. Now, if you are already cleared…a bankruptcy is not a clearance ender. It is looked upon as the legal and correct solution preventing you from being bought. But walking in the door with a bankruptcy…might be a challenge leaving you on the short end of the stick.

I contacted the HR specialist (no answer so left message) explaining that I’d rather wait for the clearance to be finalized before coming on board. That was this morning and called 3 times and still no answer. Knowing Monday is the observed holiday I dont expect to hear from him until Tuesday. If they cant wait I’m just going to tell him I’d like to remove myself from consideration for the job. Since its already being worked as an interagency transfer I’m hoping it wont cause an issue with current job/agency if I do so. Definitely dont need to lose current job on top of everything else.

From my knowledge and experience, I think federal agencies care more about your federal
debt. I was issued a tentative job offer in April 23,2015. The position requires a secret security clearance. I have bunches of outstanding debts, but during investigation, the assigned investigator only asked questions about my federal student loans.

My investigation was completed in August 2016, but adjudication is pending. In April 2018, the Agency withdrew the job offer as I’m waiting for the adjudication. In September 2018, I got another job from another federal agency. The position requires a secret clearance. They emailed me SF-86 to complete.In October 2018, the Agency’s security personnel made me aware that my previous security background check has qualified me to obtain an interim security clearance.

The HR Office contacted me to provide the evidences of how I am making payments of my federal student loans. After I provided my payment arrangements documents to the HR Office, I received a letter stated that I am cleared. My start date is tomorrow November 13, 2018, but I requested an extension.

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Yes . . . The government worries about debt that they have secured for you. But, you don’t say anything about your other debt. If you don’t have late payments, they don’t care for the most part. Trust me though, if you have late payments or delinquent debt, they do care.

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