If denied ANACI what happens to my NACLC

Hello all,
In January 2014 I was laid off from a contractor with whom I held a secret clearance. In October 2014 I was granted a secret interim clearance as a federal civilian. On March 2015 I was issued an SOR and HR and my SO terminated me because they said it indicated I “failed to obtain and maintain a clearance.” I have submitted a response to the SOR through another contractor that will hire me if they can either get the ANACI approved or the NACLC reactivated. Can anyone tell me if the ANACI getting denied will prevent the NACLC from being used?

There are so many incongruities in your scenario that it would be impossible to provide any type of advice. Based on your “facts” above, it appears you were issued an SOR and denied the issuance of a security clearance based on the results of an ANACI. This means that anyone wanting to grant you a clearance will see that you were denied as a result of issues in the last investigation (ANACI). Therefore, you are not eligible to apply for a security clearance for at least a year after being denied, and a new investigation would have to be completed.

Sorry, let me elaborate.

I was issued an interim clearance in October 2014 and an ANACI investigation was started. In March a Letter of Intent to deny final clearance was issued. My HR and security reps received it decided to terminate as I was still in the probationary period. They read the Letter of Intent as a failure to obtain or maintain a clearance. This was how they phrased it to me. They did not give me an option to respond to the Letter of Intent and informed me of the letter at the same time as the termination. All this occurred at the objections of my managers. The only thing listed in the SOR was a disclosure I made in the eqip form that in April 2014 I made a single edible purchase at a legal dispensary in Colorado (stupid, I know, but I didn’t really look into the federal restrictions attached). Another government contractor in town offered me conditional employment if the ANACI response I prepared enabled the clearance to be approved OR the NACLC clearance I held until January 2014 could be reactivated. I would hope the explanation, references, and statement agreeing to lose my clearance at any further violation would be sufficient to mitigate a single mistake, but if it wasn’t what would happen to the NACLC from my earlier employer?