Active NACI and ANCI inves

I was told the following about my current status

Clearance Eligibility: NACLC
Date of Eligibility: 1/19/2012
Date of Investigation: 1/14/2012
Type of Investigation: ANACI
Issuing Agency: DONCAF

My clearance went inactive in November last year and I was selected for a federal position recently. Will they just reinstate my clearance or do I need to do the SF86 and background investigation over?

How long has it been since you last held a cleared position?

2014 was the last time I held a cleared position.

You will very likely be starting from scratch as if you never had a clearance because you have been out of cleared position for over two years. There are some who post here that say they sometimes see clearances reinstated three, four or five years out but that isn’t the norm.

Great, thanks for the info. My current job cleared me due to my NACL and ANCI dates. I don’t know if that is the norm but good to know what you provideed me.

You had only background investigation. clearance is required only for access to classified information. many federal jobs don’t require clearance but require background investigation. based on your post you basically had national agency checks with added items that is done through sf-85. any clearance(access to classified information) requires sf-86. whether or not you will need to do a background investigation for the new federal job depends on how you were selected for the job/?

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NACLC is a secret. Type ANACI was the civilian version. You had a secret but you are out of scope now. Expect to do a new, whatever they require, investigation.

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