NACI (SF85) Questions/Timeline

Several months ago, the FSO has initiated a background investigation to the PSI-CoE office. At that time, I was working as a contractor and this would have been a re-investigation since the current one I have had was expiring (NACLC). One week has passed and I wasn’t receiving any update with the e-QIP link to submit the SF85P. I followed up with the FSO and suggested I wait 30 days prior to the expiration date and do a re-investigation instead. Unfortunately, the contract has downsized thus eliminated my position and when I had left the agency my NACLC has expired.

I recently received a tentative offer for a government position and the same agency has submitted my OF306 and again I’m waiting for the PSI-COE office to send me the invitation for eqip.
While I’m waiting for the eQip, I have some concerns.

  1. Currently, I’m unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits.
  2. Foreign relative living with you. I have a relative who was not aware of her permanent alien registration expired. Her kids have recently filed the I90 for a renewal but looks like the timeline to process is 9 to 10 months before a new card can be issued.
  3. There is no topic to regarding credit/financial listed on the SF85 but I do have a high credit utilization. I’ve had a couple deliquencies which was resolved/closed and no longer appearing in my credit reports

I do NOT have any DUI/Police records, bankrupcies, court records…not even drug use.

How does this look?

In the meantime, I’m still looking for employment.