SF-86 without eqip

Hi. Here is my timeline of events so far for my TS/SCI with the company. I was never asked to use the e-qip system. I completed a PDF version of the SF-86 and submitted it to my FSO that way. Is this normal? Could anyone shed some experience on why it was done this way? As for my current status, I still haven’t been contacted by an investigator which I’m sure is normal, and my credit hasn’t been pulled.

August 1 2019: Completed offer letter
October 15 2019: I submitted the final SF-86 to the FSO after a few weeks of making some revisions
October 20 2019: My FSO notified me that my SF-86 paperwork was “submitted to the customer” (I’m assuming the customer is either the company, or the government agency doing the investigation?)

yes, it’s normal. Some agencies still use the PDF paper format of sf-86, especially 3 letter ones.
Ok so October 20,2019 is waaay too fresh, you haven’t even complete 1 month, I waited for months, If my memory serves me correctly about 4-5 months, before I got called by BI. So just hand it there, do your work, live your life, don’t think about it too much and one day out of nowhere you will get a call from BI for the subject interview.

Yes, the customer is the government, or the agency doing your investigation.
Hand in there, you might have a long wait, so just live your normal life, it will be done.

Thanks a lot for the clarification. It was bugging me hearing about eqip’s all the time. I’ll keep chugging along until I hear something.