It’s been 1 month.

Hi! I submitted my Sf86 about a month ago and I have not heard anything from the agency doing my investigation? When do you think it’s appropriate to send them an email to check on the status? As far as I know none of the people I listed have been contacted either.

Thank you!

Pretty much…not for a long time. It wasn’t unusual getting an SF86 turned in to my staff and it could take us a month of review, passing back and forth, collecting corrections and such from the applicant. Our goal was one week. But the lag comes from slow responses on applicant side. We could have as many as 40 SF86s we were processing and using the 16 page form…that is a lot of reading.

When we finally scanned to client, it used to take 2 months before showing it “opened” in the client system. This past year to 18 months? It was taking 8 to 10 months before customer service reflected it as loaded and in process.

Very frustrating.

You should have a POC phone number and/or email you can utilize to find out the status.

A couple years ago, back in the time before COVID and stuff, I had to have my periodic reinvestigation. I submitted the eQIP in like August and I think the investigator contacted me in October.

I thought that was incredibly fast, based on previous experience of many many years dealing with these things.

In other words, you have a long ways to go, so try not to get too excited about a one month’s wait.

By the way, I think that investigation completed in January. But took over three years to be finally adjudicated.