SF85 timeframe Question

I’ve been lurking at these threads since I’ve been given my initial offer. Curious to see where I might be in the process for the SF 85.

Initial offer received May 17
Fingerprints and EQip completed May 24
Transcripts and citizenship verification requested/sent June 8th
Employers sent reference forms June 12th by my agency.

What happens if an employer does not respond to a reference request? I had to list a position that I left in May 2014 as it was within the 5 year time frame. It was a large employer, over 60,000, and people move within the organization frequently. I haven’t remained in touch with my former supervisor or coworkers as turnover and movement within divisions is high. I left due to maternity leave and then moved 200 miles away.

I was told I would not be given a start date until the investigation was complete but they estimated 1 to 3 months. I don’t expect anything adverse on background check as I have a no criminal record, good employment record, and good credit. I am just very anxious as this is my first go with a government job.


Nobody has responded to this? I’ve never done an SF85 but I can give you some information. Most of the time, if a few employers don’t respond it’s not a big deal. The investigators and adjudicators understand that this is going to happen. Some people just don’t want to talk to the government.

The fact that you completed your eqip on 5/24 doesn’t mean that it was submitted that day but it may have been. We can be pretty sure that was submitted before 6/12. In any case, you are a month at most into the process. There’s really not much that we can tell you about timelines. There vary widely.

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The knowledgeable investigators didn’t respond because this issue is an internal process. The best answer I can give about this process is, it depends.

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