Accepted Job Offer Contingent on TS, No SF86

I accepted a job offer 3 weeks ago, and about a week later submitted a company background questionnaire and met with the FSO to do my fingerprints for a TS.

He let me know he would submit the fingerprints and kick things off, but it would be a few weeks before I got an email asking me to fill out the SF86 form and then he would send the fingerprints off again (?). Apparently this part has been taking a while (he said it would be a few weeks).

Is this the case? Everything I’ve read makes it seem like you fill out and submit the SF86 fairly quickly… currently my status in their internal security tracking tool shows that a clearance nomination/justification has been submitted and its awaiting that step.

The company was likely doing their own background check BEFORE having you submit an SF-86. If you don’t get past the first check, they save time and money.

Honestly you’re at the part where now you just gotta wait. As long as you filled in the sf86 and sent in the fingerprints you’re good. Now comes the hard part

Also, they could be reviewing everything you sent before they get to the SF86 part. I had a company delay me at least 30 days before giving me access to Eqip. I wondered why they didn’t do that in the very beginning but each company has their own way of doing things.