Public trust clearance waiting time

It’s been over 4 months since I submitted my e-quip. But I still haven’t been contacted for fingerprints. Is there a backlog? Any advice?

I don’t think that you are supposed to be “contacted” for fingerprints. I thought that, unless the process has changed, you were given instructions to be fingerprinted when you receive your e-quip. I needed to have my print card before my employer submitted my SF-86.

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Most of the time, your COR, HR, or your FSO will contact you regarding fingerprints. It sounds like you may have slipped through the cracks; it does not take 4 months to review a SF85P; it takes 15 minutes. You need to reach out to your POC (again, your COR, HR, or your FSO). You should have already been processed now and in EOD. Check your spam and junk folders in email.

I am waiting on a public trust and I had my fingerprints done 2 days before my sf-85p was submitted through e-quip in Oct 2019

Thanks that’s what I thought too. I was never given any instructions sadly. Plus the recruiter emailed me asking if anyone from FDA contacted me about the fingerprints.

I was thinking the same. I have been checking my spam/junk folder everyday. I was told the other two people who got hired with me have the same problem. My recruiter said at this point it’s the security representative.

You need to get proactive and get this done. At this point, it doesn’t matter whose at fault, find the person that can help you out now. Don’t wait for them to get to you, they have dropped the ball already.

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Agreed. You’ll just end up with issues later if you don’t handle it now. Talk to your FSO or any other POC to try to figure out what to do. Someone maybe just dropped the ball somewhere but you don’t want that to impact your timeline.

You may have been discontinued. Like Ed said, find out. The burden is always on the applicant.