Timeline question

I filled out all of the initial paperwork to start the clearance process last week for high risk public trust. I was told that someone would reach out to me within 1-2 weeks to schedule a finger printing appointment. Should I expect to hear from someone within that time, or is it often delayed? I intend to follow up on the 10th business day, unless you think that is being too aggressive.


Fingerprints are done by your agency/company, and are not subject to the timeline of the NBIB or OPM or such. Any delays would simply be due to delays/negligence on that side, rather than any backlog with investigations.

10th business day sounds reasonable for a follow-up, but I would certainly expect them to get it done sooner than that.

Don’t trust any timelines given to you during this process (except from this board) as they always seem to reflect the fastest 0.0001% of cases.

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