Looking for guidance on PT clearance


I got offered a job with a government contractor two years ago, dependent on obtaining a Public Trust clearance. It has been a bit of a rocky road, what with some paperwork getting sent to my SPAM folder, an emergency C-section for my wife and the birth of our first son, and overall anxiety about starting a new job in a new field. I have went and got fingerprinted over four weeks ago and photographed for my ID badge, and filled out the SF85 form. I know that my current supervisor got a letter asking for information about me, and sent it back over three weeks ago. I was told that the process normally took a couple of weeks, but it has been about 2 months now. I was also told that I would hear back about picking up my ID badge in “two to four weeks” after getting fingerprinted. I have heard nothing back there. I am just looking for some advice and guidance here. I am not sure if it is ok for me to ask for updates from the hiring manager, or if they are even the right person to go to. This new job comes with a decent (but not life changing) pay raise for me, and I have been eager to start. But with the lack of communication or updates, I have been getting very discouraged. The upheaval in my personal life with the birth of my son ten weeks before his due date, and subsequent lengthy stay in the NICU has only been making that anxiety worse. I am not sure if I should be looking for a different job, or if this is normal and I should stick it out. I am even more nervous because I was told that the contract I was being hired for was only for another year or so. I apologize for the rambling, but I hope someone might be able to offer some sort of insight into all of this. Thank you.

I would follow up with your HR contact, or if you have one, your contact for security who sent you the paperwork. I just posted today about how I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks after submitting of306 and fingerprints, and finally decided to follow up with HR because like you, I had also been told I’d hear something within 2-4 weeks. HR talked to security and told me they haven’t been able to start my check because I supposedly hadn’t done the piv appointment. After I told them I did it a month ago, they somehow found it today. Kicking myself for not following up sooner.