DOE L clearance question

Hello, I’m hoping to get answers here as the security officer never responds and I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to ask HR.

I submitted the SF86 11/10. I went for fingerprinting 11/17. On 11/20 I got an email from HR that said my 145 is almost approved, it’s waiting on an executive to sign. I haven’t talked to anyone about the eqip.

I honestly don’t get this process at all, what is going on the back side? I’m currently a temp at a different agency that is the bottom of the line with no clearance or interview done. HR said I might have a EOD in January. What I’m worried about is transferring to this agency then having my L denied as there is some stuff I put on the sf86 that I know looks not good but I also have no proof (regarding previous employment separation cause). Would I be eligible for unemployment if they deny my clearance? Could it be like a year down the road before I hear anything?

Thanks for any insight you might have to offer!