DOE "L" Interim Clearance Delay

Hey guys, I received an offer to work as an engineer for a DOE contractor company. I submitted my eQIP around early December of 2018 and had an in person interview with an investigator a couple months ago. My parents are dual citizens (Taiwan and USA), but they received it recently about a year or so ago. The investigator says it does hold a “flag” because of this information so he asked me to provide my two older brothers (Both US citizens) information. Also the investigator asked me about my relatives like my aunts and uncles. I told him that I do not know their English name and their occupation since I rarely talk to them of that kind of stuff. My middle brother already had an investigator interview him 2 months ago and another investigator interviewed my older brother 2 weeks ago. My brothers told me that the interview went fine and my older brother was asked by the investigator to give him the information of all my aunts and uncles occupations. None of my aunts and uncles from what my parents told me are affiliated with the Taiwanese government so I am in the clear for this one. However I did not receive word from the company that the interim clearance has been denied. Does that mean I still have a chance to receive an interim L clearance despite these kinds of circumstances.

If you dont have an interim by now, then I doubt you are getting one. I’m pretty sure interims are new for DOE, at least at the national lab sites I’ve been working at.

Good news is that it sounds like your investigation will be off to adjudication soon.

I am planning on contacting my HR representative next Monday about my clearance status. If by any chance the status says “eligibility pending” does that mean my interim clearance has been denied.