How hard is it to get a DOE "L" Clearance (equivalent of a Secret) if my parents are dual citizens

My parents are dual citizens for Taiwan and USA. They are naturalized US citizens since the 1990s. And I am most certain that the diplomatic relationships between Taiwan and USA is friendly unlike China.

You will have to report this during a clearance investigation. It requires scoping and will likely slow you down. Are you positive they have not renounced citizenship with Taiwan? Do you maintain close personal family connections with family remaining there, or even if they live here or abroad?

BTW I am 21 years old. I submitted the eQIP around early december of 2018. My parents got their dual citizens recently like a year ago. For my understanding they have not renounced the Taiwanese citizenship. I visit my aunts/uncles/cousins like once every year or two, but that was when I was a little kid though. It is not frequent at all, it’s just visiting, but I am guessing these are considered foreign contacts. Anyways I am still being investigated. The investigator says it does hold a “flag” because of this information so he asked me to provide my two older brothers (Both US citizens) information. Also the investigator asked me about my relatives like my aunts and uncles. I told him that I do not know their English name and their occupation since I rarely talk to them of that kind of stuff. My middle brother already had an investigator interview him 2 months ago and another investigator interviewed my older brother 2 weeks ago. My brothers told me that the interview went fine and my older brother was asked by the investigator to give him the information of all my aunts and uncles occupations. None of my aunts/uncles/cousins from what my parents told me are affiliated with the Taiwanese government so I am in the clear for this one. How long would it take to get a clearance in accordance to my situation, I am assuming it will slow down the processing time and will take more than the average for an “L” clearance which is 211 days.

Welll…which is a deep subject…the 211 day quote is often misunderstood. I’ve seen a lot of back and forth on this site regarding if this is work days, calendar days, or what not. If one is clearing for an operational position it moves faster. If it is a support role, it takes longer. It normally takes me 18 to 24 months to get a person cleared to TS SCI with full poly. I would guess yours will take every bit of the 24 months. Contrary to the rhetoric in the press these screenings aren’t designed to keep foreigners out, just bad ones. In and of themselves, having foreign connections and family isn’t a detractor. It just makes it harder, and that means slower to review as many of the connections as possible. All in the interest of making a determination “you” would not be swayed by affection to do bad things against this country.

I am just getting a DOE “L” Clearance which is basically a secret clearance so would it take about 6-12 months then?

Without foreign connections to sift through I have seen 4 months to 12 months. With foreign connections I have seen 12 months to 18 months for Secret…