Anxious about adjudication

Hello all, my investigation was completed around mid August and I am still in the adjudication process. I received a letter from a security specialist to clarify information about foreign relatives (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousin). On my SF86 I only listed 2 of my cousins because I thought “close and continuing contact” was having frequent contact weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. I misinterpreted and misunderstood the question when I filled out the security questionnaire. I ,of course, explained on my response letter that I misinterpreted the question about foreign contacts. Anyways I only have contact with my foreign relatives once every few years or pretty much rarely and from my understanding none of them are affiliated with the foreign government. One of my relatives work as a clerk and another one is a retired journalist and he is very old for the media industry in which the company is a privatized, so they are not affiliated with the government. The company is Taiwan Television Company and from my understanding it is privatized. My foreign relatives are from Taiwan (I am assuming Taiwan has a good relationship with USA). My record is clean and I am a US born citizen. Any thoughts if I am getting a favorable adjudication for a DOE L which is equivalent to a Secret clearance
Update: I called the manager of the local government office for my company and told me that another agency will look into my case for additional information about my foreign contacts. What specific agency is gonna do that and what does this mean for my security clearance. I specifically pointed out that I am not close with any of my relatives that was listed in my response to the clarification letter.

Foreign contacts require scoping. They need determine if you deliberately did not disclose, if so, why? If it is determined they have no Intelligence connections or are no threat to the USA I expect it to go well. However, if any of the previous questions are answered in the yes or maybe…they need determine if you witheld. That is an entirely different catagory than forgetting which happens al the time or misinterpreting.

Hey Amberbunny2 the local government office said they moved my case to another agency for “further information” after I sent out the response to the clarification letter. They told me that the case was NOT reopened, because if it was OPM would reopen the case, but still part of the adjudication process. Do you know which IC agency (DoS, NSA, FBI, etc) took my case and do you know how much of the backlog is for this said agency. Thank you and please respond as soon as possible as I am kind of stressed about it.

If it is for foreign concern and connections it will go to an agency with offices in that area or specialty for sure. Foreign connections will almost always bog down a BI. I know I cruise about every 18 months so I get to a lot of ports. Without fail I know every 5 years I will take another Poly. Some manage to reclear with no poly as they have zero foreign travel.

Close or continuing contact is definitely very vague. They have never in my experience released a clear definition of this. As such, the definition is subjective. When it comes to your relatives that you only have contact with once every few years, it really depends on the depth of the contact (a happy birthday phone call isn’t really in-depth contact whereas visiting these relatives for a couple weeks every few years would include more depth). It also depends on the closeness of your contact. There are some people that you may not speak to often, but whose opinion would still hold sway over you (a respected grandparent or aunt/uncle). You would likely want to list these people. There is no black/white rule on what constitutes close and continuing contact and this is what can save you from being labeled dishonest.

In regards to foreign relatives that were developed, either during your interview or from other sources, just provide the details that you can and be honest. Don’t worry too much about the length of time your investigation is taking as follow-up takes time.

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I understand what you mean however the thing I am confused about is that the background investigation itself is closed and has NOT reopened and the manager of personnel security said that my case was sent to another agency and it is still part of the adjudication process. I did respond back with the security specialist of course of all my relatives that reside in Taiwan. I called OPM or right now it is DCSA and said my investigation has not been reopened and still in fact closed.

I’m not a fan of that question. We have always been told that if we “start dating a foreign national then you/we have to report it.” I asked what a “bond of affection” was and I was told it is like a “bond between a mother and son.”


There is variability in how that is defined. One investigator insisted any social media contact is required. Another posted they do not want that. Reasonable people can see the difference between liking a post on a Bull Terrier Facebook page and lengthy friendship PM’s. I would say family in Taiwan would require heavy vetting. Same with many middle eastern countries.

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Man that sucks that my clearance has been delayed. I am most likely going to apply for another job. I already waited 11 months and I graduated college in May 2019. I really cannot wait that long and I have been living in parents since I graduated. I need to make some income to start off my career

I think it also depends on specific agency guidelines. My experience is the IC have more stringent unofficial and official guidelines than something like DOD.

DOE is part of the IC community right?

I do not think so. IC would be NGA NRO FBI CIA DIA etc. Organizations whose primary purpose is the gathering of intelligence and acting on it. For example, DoD itself is not IC but the army intelligence branch would be.

DOE is part of the IC, it has a department that is part of it. DOD as a whole is huge, but there are parts that are IC. For example, NSA, one of the IC “giants”, is DOD. Look up the 17 members of the IC

So I am guessing my case was sent to an IC agency for additional information. I am assuming FBI or others?

I did not know that. Do you know why DoE has an IC component?

Nuclear energy, probably.

Sorry don’t know the process regarding that

Yes, nuclear energy; also, some years back there was a Defense Nuclear Agency and when that was disbanded, many of its functions moved to DOE. The IC piece of DOE probably gets involved in any number of related things, since (I believe) the department runs the labs like Los Alamos and Livermore and Oak Ridge etc which have all kinds of advanced technology expertise.


Don’t those require a Q clearance?

I imagine there is extensive “postulated threat” against the grids, and all things Nuclear. So having the ability to get Intell direct and keep the assets safe makes sense.