Poly and investigation and maternity leave

Hi everyone.
My FSO is useless, so I now have to ask a bunch of people on the internet in hopes of actually receiving useful input so that I don’t look like a fool if I escalate to his boss.

I’m a contractor going in maternity leave in January, my SSBI and FSP are both about to hit their 5 years in early December. I’m on maternity leave for 21 weeks after the baby comes, but I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to lose my clearance on leave or what the normal way that customers usually handle this?

Can I push for them to get my paperwork in quickly so I can take a poly before I start my third trimester of the doctor signs off on it? Will everything just be deferred until I come back?

I don’t anyone follows the five year rule anymore, seems to be six years, and maybe you are enrolled in “continuous evaluation.” Poly timelines definitely seem to be more lax these days.

Whew, ok. Thanks @sbusquirrel

Maybe you can ask your less-than-responsive FSO a specific question to confirm that info

I did. He hasn’t responded. :slight_smile: