Cleared for Company A, Still Processing with Company B

Hello Everyone. I had my poly with Company A in October and then in December for a second one (i couldnt schedule earlier). I was called for a position change in late February that is better for my skills. Got security clearance earlier this month - March.

Had my poly with Company B early January. I have heard nothing from them besides a letter in the mail talking about Tax Implications for moving expenses a few days ago. I call my POC occasionally to see what’s going on and all they do is tell me that I’m still processing. She doesn’t really know anything. I read somewhere that you don’t process at the same time and whoever gets to you first, goes through the process with you first? Is that true? I mean it could be hearsay. Any tips? I’m very patient and I know it’s a waiting game, just curious. I wanted to go to Company B more than Company A and I have to move far away to another state for either job. I read a lot about other peoples’ timelines and I’m expecting April. TIA