What happens is current employer tries to clear me?

Hi Everyone. Apologies if this has been asked prior. I couldn’t find anything similar. But possible I may have missed it. I have been through the CIA process for about a year now. Got my COE last year. Did med and poly. BI happened just this past December. So I would assume I am likely somewhere in the adjudication stage. My current employer now wants to put me on a contract where I will require clearance. I’m concerned about this because I am not sure how it works. Do i have to tell them about my current status with the CIA process? Will my submitting for clearance through them effectively wipe out the past years worth of process I have been through? Just not sure how it works and I haven’t been able to get a call back from the applicant processing center to get their feedback. Sort of stuck. I don’t want to lose my current job by declining their request for me to get cleared. But I also don’t want anything my current company does pretty much cancelling over a years worth of processing. Anyone have any insight or thoughts? It would be greatly appreciated.

No. Just go through it as if its your first time. There will be no issues.

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