Submission of fingerprints to FBI

How long, in general, does it take for OPM to submit your fingerprints to the FBI and get a result back? This would be for a standard SF-85 with no flags on it or on the OF-306. Fingerprints submitted 2 days before eqip was filled out and submitted. Fingerprints will come back clean.

Is this something that takes days, weeks, months? Or is there just no way to know?
I find the whole process/timeline confusing! Lol

Fingerprints are generally electronic now

I don’t think there will be a way for you to know during the process, unless your investigator decides to mention it during the interview (assuming you have one for your tier of investigation). The fingerprint checks are pretty immediate, but they only get done once someone starts looking at your file. You can sit in a backlog for weeks or months before someone starts on your file.

The investigation process is very opaque. You don’t really know what they are doing when. It is possible for your FSO to inform you of your general position in the process (investigation open or closed, interim pending a.k.a. denied, etc.) but not down to details of whether or not anything comes back on your fingerprint checks.

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Thanks for the info. I am indeed learning how opaque things are. I submitted my eqip over 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing. Not a word from anyone. My understanding is once my fingerprints clear, I can get an EOD while the rest of the investigation is completed. It is a Tier 1 investigation with DHS. I have never even been inside a police station, so I know it can’t be the fingerprint results holding anything up. I have no financial issues, never been fired, etc. So I don’t know what the hold up is.

I was just wondering if anyone knew how long it takes. I guess I shall just have to wait!

Yes, I did submit mine electronically, which is why I am wondering what is taking so long, and whether or not they have even been submitted yet.

3 weeks is, comparatively, nothing. Yours is a lower level investigation, so it should go quicker than a higher tier one, but you should expect it to take a few weeks to months. As I mentioned, you might have to wait through a backlog just for someone to do the minimal checks required at your tier.

From what I see online, you should expect a timeline of 4-8 weeks, but that number may be out of date.

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I submitted an eqip and fingerprints for a SF-85 on March 22. I just received word today that I have passed their security check. I have had the same job and residence for 20 years, no interaction with law enforcement, excellent credit and no history of drug use. It has taken 41 days. I hope this helps.
The gears of government turn slowly, so patience is a virtue.


Oh, Okay. Well I guess I better just sit back and wait then. Lol

Can I ask if this was with DHS also?

No, this is with NOAA