Pre appointment determination/ interim

Waiting for Public Trust, is this about the right time frame? Anyone having or had this experience?
I call every week to check on the status. Lol

Im staying in the same Department just transferring to another agency. I currently have a public trust.

Tentative offer 8/17/18

Finger prints 8/27/18

Sf forms turned in 9/4/18

Received letter from the office of professional responsibility 9/14/18

Turned in letter of explanation documents by sept 21st

Called the EOD section of professional responsibility around sept 25, spoke to the representative I had been in contact with. They stated that it would take about a week and a half and that their supervisor had my file.

Called again in November. Same rep said that the supervisor still had the file and its waiting to get approved and that there is other people ahead of me.

Interim still pending…