SF86 submitted wondering next steps

SF86 has been submitted few days ago and what are the do’s and don’ts until SC is done. And also what are the current timelines of Secret clearance. When can I notice the credit check in my credit report. Thank you in advance.

Did you already submit fingerprints? Do’s and don’ts - well just keep your nose clean, and report anything to your FSO as appropriate. As far as timelines of secret, it can range from around 2 - 4 months or so, depending on what is disclosed in your SF86. As far as credit checks go, I don’t have a good answer on that. But keep monitoring, and you should receive a letter informing you of the check.

fingerprints were done , Thank you for the reply. Interim clearance is automatically issued if initial checks are done ? . How long usually takes to issue the interim clearance ?.

Interim will come soon, but again, that depends on if anything is disclosed or found from the SF86. I’ve seen interims issued a month or so after 86 and fingerprints are viewed.