SF85 clearance


What will happen if the previous employer didn't send back the form that federal government is asking for confirmation of employment? Will they wait for some time and send the form again?

Also I am a Canadian moved to USA 3 years ago. My Canadian employer doesn't want to give any reference. What should I do? Does the government send letters to Canadian employers too? Also do they send letter to my neighbor in Canada?

Sorry too many questions. But this is the only place where I can get some good advice.


After a time period set by OPM for the case, they will go ahead and close it without the verifications that are not returned. No inquiries are conducted outside of the U.S. and only the sources you listed since living in the U.S. (current neighbor, employer, reference) will be contacted for the low risk non-sensitive investigation.


Thank you so much Mr. Hakamaa for the reply.

I am working with a company since 3 years and they got a ssa contract so they want everybody to get the SF85 clearance. I filled my application and when I tried to call canadian employers they are refusing to give the reference. You said OPM waits for some time and closes, does this means I will get clearance or OPM will not give me clearance because of one employer not giving reference. I have all the references from US. Another question is does my current employer submits my resume along with the filled SF85 form? Because I need to update my resume.

Thank you for your time