SF85 clearance - Do I need to submit resume

Thank you so much Mr. Hakamaa for the reply to my previous question.

I am working with a company since 3 years and they got a ssa contract so they want everybody to get the SF85 clearance. I filled my application and when I tried to call canadian employers they are refusing to give the reference. You said OPM waits for some time and closes, does this means I will get clearance or OPM will not give me clearance because of one employer not giving reference. I have all the references from US. Another question is does my current employer submits my resume along with the filled SF85 form? Because I need to update my resume.

Thank you for your time

your investigation is not for a clearance, but to be eligible for access to be issued a government credential to access facilities and/or IT systems. OPM will close the case when they hit their time threshold for that case. contractors do not submit a resume with the application, but you will have to submit the OF-306.