SF85P - Confused about self employment

I lived in USA for 10 years and left to Canada in 2000. I moved to USA in 2012 on work visa. I need to fill SF85P and OF306 as my company that I have been working since 2012 got a government project and they want me to work in that project. So it’s like I am a contractor to the government project. Right now I am full time employee to my company. In SF85P they are asking me for employment for 7 years. When I was in Canada I was self employed. I used to develop some computer applications to friends and I used to be a day trader for stocks. If I put self employed they are asking me to give verifiers name. Do I have to give verifier from USA or from Canada? I have some friends in USA that know about the self employment as I did some work for them. Please help as I am very confused how to fill this form. Also how does OPM get the credit report from Canada? My credit report in USA only shows the history from 2012.