SP85P mbi help

I need to do online submission for SF85P back ground investigation. What does this back ground investigation mean? Does OPM send letters for 7 years or 5 years employment? I was self employed for 4 years in Canada and moved to USA and working for a company for 3 years. My friend used to give me software applications to test and he paid to me. This was in Canada. So shall I give his name as verifier for my self employment. He is in USA too. Is this ok or anything else I need to put. My friend has a small consulting company in USA.

Also does my HR submit my resume along with the other signed forms to OPM? I need to update my resume as it is older one. I need to add current dates for employment. Will my HR ask for this or shall I ask them? Sorry so confused

Make sure all of your dates and names of employments match the resume you submit to the SF85p. List a verifier for each period on the questionnaire that it asks you to. Read it over very slowly and answer the questions as they are asked. There is also a comments section after each section that you can use for further explanation. If you list a self employment and someone paid you then you can list that persons name as a verifier. The verifiers may be contacted by a form in the mail, a phone call, or an in person interview so make sure all of their contact information is correct. Good luck!

Thank you for the reply. Do you know what form they send to verifiers? My friend wants to know in advance so he will have an idea what to expect. I checked inv 41 form but that one is for supervisor or employer. Is that the same form to verifiers also? My friend is reluctant to give and I had to beg him as he is not comfortable. That’s why I want to make his life easy by providing info before. Thank you

Tell him that your going for a position and explain that you listed him because he paid you to do some work and ask him nicely to cooperate if he is contacted by OPM. It shouldn’t take but five minutes to fill it out and his reference may help you secure employment. It can be the INV 41 but he might be contacted by an investigator by phone or in person. It depends on a lot of variables (case types, issues…) that I am not aware in your situation. Let him know the investigation is about you and not about him and the amount of time it would take of his is minimal. Good luck!