SP85P clearance-urgent pleas help

I need to do online submission for SF85P back ground investigation. What does this back ground investigation mean? Does the OPM send written enquiries to employers or call them? Do they send letters for 7 years or 5 years employment?

I had some cc debt issues 8 years ago and some were charged off and some passes the sol. All these issues were because of lay off from work and work visa was expired so had to leave country. Now I got my work visa and my employer wants SF85P for public trust position. Can the investigators find my cc issues 8 years ago? I don’t have any federal debt. When I got my credit report from the credit bureaus it doesn’t have any past debts. Please help me

The SF-85P is used for moderate and high positions known as Public Trust positions and consists of an interview with the applicant an inquiries sent out to he listed sources. Credit issues such as charge-offs, collections, and past dues are an issue and may still be reported by one of the major credit bureaus. I advise you get complete picture of what you credit history looks like and what current debts are still out there so that you can take action to resolve an disclose them on the form.