SF85P Nervous

I have not slept all weekend. I have been on the same contractor job for 7 years. I did an Sf85 in 07 and '12, now they had me do an SF85p. Three investigations in 7 years for what I would deem a very non-sensitive position. I listed a court judgment that I had from 2010, that was paid in full for 17k due to a home based business disaster. I also have a paid collection for $350 in 08. What worries me is that I miscalculated the date I received a traffic ticket. I received it in 09, however I thought I received in '06. I checked no to the question of having a ticket/offense in the past 7 years. My interview is Tuesday. I have worked very hard at my job for 7 years to lose it over this. I mean I paid my debts and are current on everything now. All I have are 2 small balance credit cards and a car loan for 3k. I have been up reading posts since 0600 worried, so I thought I’d ask.

It seems your position designation was bumped up to a public trust position, hence an upgraded investigation. Forgetting a traffic ticket is no big concern, and when you go over that section in your security interview you can explain and provide the information. A few past debts that are now paid are also of no concern, as long as you don’t exhibit a pattern in the future.

Zero need to worry. Very minor

I have had my face to face interview with the investigator. She came back with questions related to my previous employer. . I received a performance improvement plan during an organizational change with about 4 other people in the same department getting these “performance plans.” I had worked for the company for 4 years with no previous issues until management changed. My performance plan was to “improve ability to communicate.”
I believe I did not leave under “unfavorable” circumstances. I put in a two week notice and was excited about another opportunity. After trying everything I could to meet the requirements of the performance evaluation, working 60+ hours a week, it became clear the new CIO was not going to view me in any other light.

During the time, I was on a PIP (with no end date) I took it upon myself to value the opportunity for personal improvement leaving no room for performing less than the best. I hold myself to a high standard. The direct manager said I was “improving.”

Long story short, I talked about it with the investigator the first interview and discussed it candidly. I mentioned to the investigator that I have successfully worked at 3 government agencies in the last 11 months with no issues on a temp clearance. I had no issues prior to this incident. And again at the second clarifying interview. She said she would write up a report and send it to the adjudicator.

First is this going to keep me from getting a public trust clearance?

How is one to find out they are cleared for public trust once it goes to the adjudicator? How long does that take?