85P Investigation

Been in government for 7 years. Filled out an 85P and made some honest mistakes.

Did not know my mom’s middle name and so failed to include her middle name. I grew up knowing only three of her names and I informed the investigator of that when he brought it up. The fourth name I had no clue.

In section 20, three police records were pulled that I did not include on the SF 85P form. Driving with no insurance, Driving with no license and driving with unregistered number plates. These incidents occurred between 2002 and 2004. I had no clue I was suppose to go this far back. I would have pulled my police report if I knew and I told him so during the interview. I thought it was only a 7 year look back for an SF 85 P.

Again, in section 20, I included only one DUI that I had in 2018 and was found not guilty of in 2022, since I felt the SF 85 P and that section asked for the last 7 years. The investigator informed me that this section was an “ EVER” section. So, I volunteered at the interview another DUI I had in 2005, that was ended with a CWOF and dismissed. He did not not have to bring this DUI up this time first. However, once I mentioned he looked in his files and confirmed that yes, he sees the 2005 DUI. He asked me if I have ever gone to a treatment program. I said yes when I had my first DUI. He asked what is the chance of re-occurrence, I indicated I drink roughly two glasses of wine on weekends now at home with my wife. I don’t go out anymore to parties. Actually, I got a serious scolding from my wife the day I went out and had my most recent DUI. For she did not want me to go out that day. I promised never to drink and drive again. I informed him that my wife and I are on a path to quitting completely for health reasons and we have started exercising.

We also went through my financials that are now all resolved. There were 4 financials that had been resolved in /about 2016 that he informed me there are not on my current credit report. However, I volunteered them and had provided supporting documentation to show they had been resolved. He was only able to pull up one Verizon bill from my credit reports for about $200 that was resolved in 2019. He asked me what efforts I was making to pay on time and do I have issues paying my bills currently. I said I did not have any issues paying my bills and I have set reminders to my phone and email for my bills. I get payment reminders sometimes two weeks before.

I also went through all the foreign travel and terrorist activities questions and did not have any issues. I have travelled in the last 7 years to Canada, Germany, France and Portugal for tourism. I informed him of that did not encounter any issues while there.

How do you think I did? Will I be found suitable for employment? Any responses will help.

Thank you.

Please Marko or anyone, any thoughts on this situation?

These are all standard issue resolution questions. I would not worry too much. Yes the alcohol question was an ever question but it was an honest mistake and not a lie. The other things were 7 yrs but you were asked about them because the investigator had the information. The recent DUI is not awesome but you said it was dismissed. Over all, although I am not an adjudicator and cannot guarantee anything, I’d say you are stressing too much and need to take a big chill pill.

Concur with @HR2C, these are not disqualifying, as long as you were honest and nothing else comes up.

Thank you so much for your responses. I will update you all once I hear anything back.

I received an email that I have been favorably adjudicated for a Tier 2. Thank you Marko and HR2C. You all were spot on.

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Does the self reporting requirement signed at the same time the SF-85 T2 was, applicable to acts not asked in the 85 but mentioned as something reputable?

Correction: that is reportable not reputable

Regarding the DUI, I don’t believe that is an ever question on the 85P.

I was told by the investigator during my interview that it is an Ever question on the 85P.

You should be able to pull the form up online. I think the ever in the police record is for domestic violence.

I thought the same like you and initially filled the eQip (85P) Tier 2 with a look back for only 7 years. However, I was informed at my interview by the investigator that a DUI is an Ever question. Maybe The moderators can help us.

Your investigator made a mistake, confusing the questions from the SF86 form. On the SF86 form, alcohol related incidents are an EVER question. On the SF85P, it is not.

It is not an ever question for public trust but if it pops up when we run your criminal record then it has to be discussed during the interview and full issue resolution has to be obtained. All issues, whether required to be listed or not, have to be discussed during the interview, unless it was discussed in a previous investigation.

Thank you. Your clarifications are helpful.