Insurance Fraud

Hey guys, I have a serious questions. I’m currently 26 years old , with no criminal history, no drinking problems , never used drugs, perfect credit score with no problems. When I was 19 I bought a car that had small golf ball size dents in a door and claimed it on my insurance. The insurance agency flagged it and investigated it but cleared me. The damage payout was under 1k. This claim is almost 7 years old and i’ve never had any other problems anywhere near this and this was never reported to any police agency that I am aware of. How do I approach this issue with a Sf85p moderate background investigation ? Is there any point in even trying for the job?

As long as you were not named in a civil lawsuit, charged with a criminal offense, or are liable for any legal financial debt as a result of this there are no questions on the SF-85P that require you to disclose this information. Insurance companies are not a part of any checks conducted for the investigation.

Does this crime fit disqualifying criteria on its own? I’m concerned with the open ended questions on the ESI. I will not lie about it if i’m put into a position to explain it. I would prefer to stay at my current job, if this there is even a remote concern over me losing employment over this. I have next to nothing else to add crime wise to the investigation.

Since you were not charged with any criminal offense, only an inquiry initiated by the insurance company which cleared you, there should be no concerns.