Filling out Sf-85p - Criminal Allegations or Accusations

Issue #1:

57 months old

There was an individual who reported me as a dangerous person to law enforcement, and also stained my background investigation when I applied with that agency. The individual stated that I was a very dangerous person. I am going into a science field, I strongly feel my MR-Public Trust will get denied. Due to them stating I wanted to cause harm. The missed up part this isn’t even true, and it’s a stain in my record. I am already hired and have a start date, but the agency would not let me start my background investigation before moving half way across the country. I cant afford a lawyer to learn how to address my termination, explaining that false statement about. I did seak professional counseling on my own to learn how to deal with people making offensive comments.

Issue #2:

31 months old

My 2nd job I was terminated based off lies as lack of candor and honesty. I was hired without an interview, and the federal agency turn out to be a toxic environment. I was constantly dealing with demeaning comments about my religion, ethnicity, and disability. They assumed because of name, I was affiliated with a particular religion. I did report it to management but they never did anything. The mistake I made, I should have reported it to EEO. I was too afraid to do that as a new employee on probation, who could be fired for anything. I applied what I learned from my personal professional counselor. I ignored their abusive behavior, and did my job. At the end, I was terminated.

I have a strong feeling that the adjudicator will not clear me for a MRPT. How do you mitigate this time of issue?

Quite a bit to unpack here. First question, have you filled out your EQUIP yet? If so, all you can do at this point is wait and see. If not, keep reading.

Issue #1 is actually a couple of “issues”. Were you arrested after being reported as a dangerous person? BTW, if you were fingerprinted, you were arrested so make sure you answer yes to that question no matter how the case was disposed of. If so, what was the case disposition? If the case was dismissed answer the question(s) yes, give a detailed explanation of the arrest and state the case was dismissed. If you were not arrested, no need to address in that section.

If the “report” was to leadership and THAT is what got you terminated, explain that when you discuss “ever fired from a job”. Give there side and YOUR side of the termination. Be up front and discuss without emotion and it becomes a “he said she said” item and is not automatically disqualifying. The key is to explain without emotion and take responsibility.

Professional counseling can be a separate issue but is not automatically disqualifying. If you are saying they said you were a threat so you went to counseling, you can use that as a mitigating condition for what I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Issue 2. The second termination is definitely going to raise an eyebrow as now you have a pattern. You didn’t really say why you were terminated. Demeaning comments TO you doesn’t get people fired. Address what the company said you were fired for. Again, provide a detailed response, give both sides and it becomes a he said she said item.

Detail is the key. The investigator will request a response from your previous employers so you might as well lay it all out, take responsibility for things you could have controlled and explain how you’ve learned to handle those situations better.


Thank you for your response. The professional counseling was done on my own, this had nothing to do with anyone. I just wanted to learn how to become a better person, and handle offensive comments. I have no criminal records at all.

With Issue #2, they lied about me. The way I dealt with the toxic environment. I ignored them when they constantly harassed, and reported the issue to management although they brush it to the side. This lead to me being terminated base on made up lies. The problem is these folks will lie to investigator. They are professional liars and retaliators with tons of government experience that their story will be believable.


Sorry forgot to mention…

I haven’t filled out a sf-85p yet, but I was completely honest on the OF306 submitted agency termination letter explaining their side of the story, submitted fingerprints and pass suitability, and received a Final Job. I am just afraid of moving and on first day of work I need to fill this out.

I did have background check in process while working for issue #2. The background check was for a secret clearance and completed, but never adjudicated. I requested for the agency cancel. They documented a ton of derogatory information about me, that I did not know about myself. They thought I was trying to hide information, possible threat, lack of candor, and misconduct. Now that I know about these issues, I can fully disclose it on my new background investigation. I disagree with them documenting as such individual when I am not all.

Hello, Everybody

My name is Dezz. I joined active duty June 2000, I did seven years active and then did the reminder of my years till feb 2019 In the Air Force reserves. I was accused of a crime and went to military court April of 2018. I was tried for military administrative discharge. I won my my case and was cleared to be retained in the Air Force Reserves and keep my federal Job as an ART(Aircraft Reserve Technician) federal employee. I was then given a proposal for indefinite suspension do to having a suspended security clearance. My ADC lawyer said re instate me ASAP. I received the letter from the 3 star general stating I won forwarded it to my commander and base legal. They then denied my re enlistment for the same things I won my case for. I did a rebuttal my flight chief said yes to retain me, maintince commander said no. I went to re enlistments and opted for a rebuttal. I won my rebutta I wonl but since the reenlistment guy didn’t notify his commander it was thrown out and I had another one done I won. I had in my package NCO of the quarter I won, 4 EPR, 4 EPR on my federal side and not one LOR or LOC ever in my career , a letter from the three star stating to retain me and letter from my ADC stating return my security clearance. I did I IG complaint, I tried to do an EO complaint. IG said its an rebuttal in works and closed my case EO denied me to fill out a complaint because they said it wasn’t valid.
So I had a bad year now currently 2 year span that I had 0 points towards my retirement, no contributions toward my TSP, and no income as of feb 2nd 2019 the day after the day I was to return to work from my achellies surgery. I then was given an extension for 2 months since I had an active rebuttal in the works. I then receive an letter that states I can resume work if I have an active security clearence which was suspended.
My question is how can I check the status of my SF-86 and get it re instated or at least check the status. Also if you know any good military lawyers and security clearance lawyers.

You should post this as a new topic instead of hijacking another thread.

FYI, they don’t need justification to give you a 4 EPR, it is still considered above average.

I’m not trying to be mean just explain things as I see them ( a person who doesn’t know you and wasn’t there; which is what you are up against with an adjudicator). The way I read what you are say is this:

“They lied about me and harassed me. I dealt with it by ignoring them. I was fired for ignoring them”

Wording such as yours is going to be tough for an adjudicator to over look. Your response comes off as emotional and lacks facts and details. When you answer the questions, present both sides in an unemotional manner and you might have a chance.

I totally agree with, I am trying to look at my situation from the adjudicator perspective.

I agree with you, I need to find away to present I am not the victim which is what I am poor. The background investigation ask you to be honest that is truth of the story. Put it this way what happened to me at work, if I had a tape recorder it could to civil rights.

The truth is I did ignore situation, they lied about my termination, and I did my job professionally and respectfully regardless how they treated me.


So basically, I have to admit to a mistake that happened and learned from that. For issue #2, would make since instead of saying that I was harassed which is truth. The story would have to be base on miscommunication and how I learned from that mistake. I deleted all personal documentation of what was said to me on what date. Can I just be general and state there demeaning comments said to me? Do I talk about my side of the story in the opening paragraph, and then go into a miscommunication story and I learned?

If I have admit to anything even it’s a made up, I would guess I can consider this a miscommunication with a poor understanding of working within a military environment.

how do you do that I’m new on this site. I didn’t do that on purpose.

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I got a FOIA report my previous background investigation of what my colleagues said about me at my last job to the investigator. I am planning to attach all copies in eqip, so the background investigator has their side of story. I am new to this type of situation, is right thing to do? I also plan to use the comment field to explain my side of story.

There is no need to attach a previous ROI to your current eQip.

Thank you, I really appreciate everyone help