Questions for my background

Hi all,

I’m grateful for this resource as I contemplate the last 30+ years of my life and whether anything will be problematic during my background. There are a couple of things in my past which I was wondering may or may not affect my adjudication if/when I get to that point:

I served in law enforcement for a little under a decade. Around 2015 I had a supervisor who was blatantly racist; he used racial slurs against African Americans, and racial slurs against me (I’m of middle-eastern descent). After about a year of this, I decided to break the wall of silence and filed an internal affairs complaint. None of my statements were corroborated and the supervisor lied during the investigation; he was transferred to another unit but was not disciplined. My concern is that this became a “he said/she said” situation in which my claims weren’t substantiated. Would this be seen as a concern for trustworthiness? Or will this topic/incident even be raised during a background investigation? Given that this person was moved and no longer my supervisor, and our entire shift was assigned a new one, is this someone who the investigator will speak with?

I’m not sure if it’s relevant, but I’m no longer with the same agency and I left about two years ago to work for the state government.

Another question: during my time as a cop, I had the poor luck of not being a great driver. I got in several car crashes that resulted in a few disciplinary letters. No one was hurt, and the crashes were not a result of me driving like an idiot (aka texting and driving, etc). I was sent to some training and the instructors pointed out some of my poor driving habits that were probably developed as a teenager. After the training, I never got into another car crash and things were fine. Would the disciplinary letters be problematic, or would the training/subsequent clean record be a mitigating factor?

Thank you all for your time and any input you can provide.

EDIT: This would be for a TS clearance.

I dont think your complaint or the disciplinary issues are serious problems but of course you’d need to disclose any disciplinary issues and provide details.

I don’t think you would have to disclose anything about the internal affairs complaint…? I don’t recall any questions on the SF-86/eQIP where that would be relevant. Would they want to talk to that supervisor? Well you would have to list that person under your employment history so I guess it is possible.


I see nothing to hurt you. If you had write-ups they want to know, particularly of a security nature. But even if you were deemed guilty of a security violation it doesn’t mean you would do the same thing again. Normally those require repeated sloppy performance to document a pattern not an isolated incident. I’m sorry you experienced the racist hatred. I will never understand that in anyone. I don’t see that being relevant at all, and traffic situations are really not an issue. In northern Va people get a lot of tickets. Not a concern.

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