Border Patrol Applicant

So I get a call from my BI on Friday to meet on Saturday again to “clear up” some things. I am well aware of the background process being very comprehensive and detailed. I am aware the BI will get all previous employee records and speak with former co-workers and supervisors/mgr.

This was in regards to a job I had in 2010 as a juvenile detention officer. I put down I had 2 infractions. One for tardiness and 1 for performance. The performance was in regards to a supervisor coming into my mod and speaking with me about a youth. Well, another supervisor came into my mod and did room checks, I was behind by 5 minutes. I did list this infraction.

Apparently I did not list 2 other infractions from 2010 and 2011. The former employer stated I had 19 absences within a one year period, which is total BS because you get fired after 8. The performance was regarding a restraint in 2011. I was involved in several restraints, which is part of the job and did have a few complaints, which is also part of the job. I was never suspended or disciplined for abuse or anything like that. My former employer listed a memo regarding a 2011 restrain. A memo is just stating a supervisor talked to me about the incident but it was not a write or any type of reprimand. I honestly do no recall receiving any type of memo. After every restrain, I did get evaluated and debriefed about the incident.

Is this something that is of concern? Now I am freaking out because I am thinking they will DQ for dishonesty when that was not the case. Like I said, I know the BI was going to check with former employers and obtain all records. I also passed the polygraph and one question is pertaining to falsifying and withholding any info on my EQIP.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Just be honest and cite what you have listed hear. There has to be intent for falsification, and reasonable explanations can mitigate lack of candor concerns. Try and get other sources as references who could corroborate your information.