Likelihood of getting secret clearance with SSBI

Hello to all. Long story short I was discharged from USMC in 2013 after serving for 3 years. I was diagnosed with adjustment disorder depressed mood. I was dealing with personal issues at the time dealing with an ex girlfriend. This drove me to the point where I attempted suicide and briefly stayed in the hospital for a couple days voluntarily. After this, I voluntarily sought counseling to get back on the right path and focus on getting better. After a couple months of counseling my therapist cleared me for full duty and everything seemed to return to normal. I had a clean bill of health (psychologically). Fast forward three months later I ended up being discharged from the military. I think the main reason is because the Marine Corps thought I was a liability in reference to the attempted suicide. I was discharged with a Honorable Discharge for condition not a disability. Since I’ve been discharged in 2013, I’ve gone on to work many armed security contracts most recently a year in Kuwait and a year in Afghanistan. I’m currently in the hiring process for the Border Patrol and wondering about my odds of passing the background investigation. Since it’s been more than five years since my attempted suicide, I want to know what mitigating factors I can present to the background investigator. I have already submitted my eqip and have all my medical records from the naval hospital including my therapist notes with great positive remarks on them regarding my progress at the time. Since the Border Patrol conducts real thorough background investigations, I would like to know if I am wasting my time or if I have a real shot at this. I plan on being open and upfront with the investigator and will not hide behind this “mistake”. Any insights or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Me personally, I think you will be fine but im in no position to give any kind of sound advice due to the nature that I have never been an investagtor or an adjudacator.

I would hang in there and good luck with your effort.

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