Need some advice sf85p-s

So I filled out my sf85p-s form about 2 months ago… 2 weeks after submitting my form I interviewed with my background investigator… and since then was given my eod date and have started work…I received a phone call today regarding my investigation from my investigator it’s been 2 months since my background investigation interview I’m still new to this I didn’t hide anything so that’s not a concern…so is this bad or no just curious.

Keep waiting. These things take time. A public trust can take from a few months to more than a year to receive a final determination.

What did your Investigator want?

Well I wish I new fed-investigator…I have called back a few times yesterday after receiving the call…but they have never returned my call maybe because the holiday weekend I’m not sure…I thought after you do your interview with the investigator and they finish up and confirm stuff it’s sent to adjudication…but guess I was wrong the message said they have been working on my background investigation and wanted me call thus far that’s all I no…I just am wondering is this common to be contacted after interview!?

Yes. Maybe someone above them wants more information. Maybe a date didn’t match. Many reasons.

Any one of the following could cause the investigator to contact you again:

  • In going over their report, they realized they forgot to ask something or needed to clarify something
  • Some information was developed by another investigator working in another area
  • If it is a contractor their own internal QC may have flagged something
  • The final QC may have caught something
  • The adjudicator wants some more info
  • etc etc etc

Maybe I’m just an optimist but I see it as a good sign because a) it shows they are actively working the case and b) it is probably pretty far along in the process, especially if it was a question from an adjudicator

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Ok so fed investigator I found out what the investigator wanted they found out that I was pulled over for a suspected dui 3 1/2 years ago I was “detained” not arrested, for a breathAlyzer I completed the breathalyzer then was let go given a ride home officers never brought any charges against me no criminal record no fines no court no nothing just a report from being pulled over from running my plates and license at the local pd…my investigator didn’t seem like it was a big deal but they are just as everyone says field investigators, I immediately told my security officer Human Resources of the situation and they weren’t concerned said I should be fine…in your experience you think this will affect my adjudication because I didn’t put it down on paper??? but I explained and mitigated when asked by investigator??? It asked for arrest charges fines only…I mean honestly the only reason I didn’t put It Down was because It didn’t ask and I didn’t really even think of it…and I didn’t wanna put more than needed just was open and honest truthful with what questions I needed to answer ??

Doubt it will be a show stopper. I didn’t double check but I think the SF-85 asks if your alcohol use has ever resulted in an intervention by law enforcement, not specific arrests. So should have been listed. Assuming the rest of your background is clean and you don’t have additional substance abuse related ‘hiccups,’ I wouldn’t lose any sleep.