Investigator First Interview

After a 9 month wait the investigator has called to setup an in person interview at work. He requests that I bring any passports I may have. I only have one a US one. What other things shall I bring? Is it a good idea to bring my printed out SF86 form as well?

Edit: Also the investigator stated he wanted to as “Couple Questions”? Is this the preliminary interview or will there be more followed afterwards? I want to keep my manager updated at all times to let him know where in the investigation process I am at.

Thanks for the help guys!

The investigator will have a copy of your SF86. Are there any answers on the form that you have additional documentation for?

I brought several copies of my resume and a cover letter indicating that I understood the importance of the process and appreciation of the hard work being done.

It seemed like she thought I was nice but I don’t think that it made a damned bit of difference.

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I have additional documentation for my Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I printed out an attendance sheet on my own accord. I just wanted hard proof I was changing from my dui incident almost 2 years ago.

I also have changes such as my new address I am residing at and other minute things recently going to grad school.

It always helps to bring a copy of your SCA (SF 86) because you can follow along and/or quickly bring up any errors. You can also make any corrections or notes about errors discovered during the interview.

If you are doing a Tier 4 or 5, bring contact information about your coworkers and friends will also help speed up the process.

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I agree with the gentleman or woman above me, when I had my first interview I had to give 11 new contacts. So have nimberd and emails ready. Also be as honest and forthcoming as possible. It’s okay to bring things up to the the investigator that’s you forgot about.

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I agree with the advice given above. Admittedly, I am in the habit of being thorough, so I recommend you to review and print the following:

  1. SF-86;
  2. Police reports/court docket summaries;
  3. Credit report; and
  4. Write-Up (summary) for any derogatory information.

Chances are that you might not need those, but it does not hurt to be prepared. Even if you have no record or clean record, bring them and show to the investigator. Why? It minimizes the chance of delays (by going back and forth) and you can readily provide documentation on the spot.

Lastly, answer the questions truthfully and honestly. Additionally, don’t volunteer additional information or provide information that is outside scope of questions. Keep It Sweet & Simple. Good luck.

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yes this is a Tier 5. Notebook with notes it is.

A sound plan. 11 contacts is fine with me. But if its 11 friends. Yeah. I dont have any…

I am getting cold sweats about leaving out a police ticket which cost $290 in fines. The SF86 clearly states anything less than $300 can legally be omitted but I feel like I am going to get dinged so I want to tell him but I dont even have any paper work for it. Not to mention a printer where I am at (relocated for work). And I originally estimated a date to be june 2015 but I can correctly recall it being Dec 2015…

Those are my only 2 worries. I was extremely transparent on everything. perhaps a bit too much… On my SF86 I used the “Extras Notes” quite a bite. I hope I didnt hurt my chances. We’ll have to see. Only time will tell.

Thankfully I have the SF86 printed from while back before I moved. Unfortunately I do not have access to a printer other than work (but its tricky printing anything PII even for myself).

  1. SF86 is good to go
  2. Police reports (I initally didnt report the moving violation ticket which was $290 due to the quetion stating any less than $300 can legally without involving drugs/alcohol can be omitted) I can get a picture of the traffic ticket on my phone. Not sure if I could print it.
  3. I personally dont know how to do this. Im still adulting… My Bank App has a button to get a report but I cant print it out.
  4. I have written up summaries for any derogatory information in the “Extra Notes Section” for the SF86 in each form in advanced. Is that fine or shall I draft summaries for additional documentation?

Any paperwork such as courtt past tickets are at my parents home. I dont have anything with me physically here. Though I can have them emailed to me (thanks mom and dad) I cannot print them. Will the investigator allow email? I understand its extra work for them but I have no options

You can simply have them ready on your phone, ipad, or laptop. Just make sure they are quickly and readily accessible.

Usually, investigators will accept emails. I emailed additional information to investigators in past.

Credit report… by law, you can obtain a free credit report annually… This is good to know for your personal use.

court docket summary, you can find them online via your state/local court websites. Courts do maintain electronic case files.

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don’t worry about the traffic infraction under $300 unless it involved alcohol or drugs.

If the investigator brings up the $290 fine, tell them that it was not reportable - answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. These inquiries are from the Agency or the process and the investigator only asks about the minor items so you can clarify the information for the adjudicator.

You will be fine with what you have.

It was for not properly stopping at a stop sign (California Stop/Rolling Stop). Though the officer recalls I simply ran through it. Anyways it had a bail amount and driving school option. I took the latter. Ive attached it here ( This falls within the less than $300 category correct?

Thanks for the responses!

yes it does call into the less than $300 category.

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Perfect thanks!

Also the investigator stated he wanted to as “Couple Questions”? Is this the preliminary interview or will there be more followed afterwards? I want to keep my manager updated at all times to let him know where in the investigation process I am at.

I will have to keep that in mind. Honestly, I can be quite the chatter-box providing more than what is often asked of me.