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I received my invite for the Equip. The position is a public trust position and not for national Security so I’m confused as to why I need the 100 plus SF86 clearance form. My security officer stated that it’s a 7 year invest and they will send out letter enquirers to employers and agencies. I was under the impression that most invests are face to face. I don’t want to question my security officers expertise but worried I’m doing more than nessasary.
The position is considered law enforcement but does not require a top secret invest
. Any information from experts would be welcome

The SF86 is not only used for Top Secret, but all national security positions. Your agency may require the SF86 completion for your position. You need to talk to your security officer about your concerns, but in my experience using the SF86 for law enforcement positions is not unusual.

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It is a great “prompt sheet” to use for any BI. It literally covers where you lived, how you earned your money, a testament to drugs, finances, crimes, character references, schools attended, conduct at work, how many jobs, did you job hop, for what reasons, did you serve in the military, were you previously cleared, were you revoked, and have you committed computer crimes. So I concur with it being a great tool to generate areas of concern. Add in legally tested and found sufficient legal language for credit checks, and medical records. Quite thorough. Some would even say “full scope.”

Thanks for the response. I’m new to all this. I’m currently working now without the investigation and my agency said they don’t have the authority or reason for employees to get a clearance. My security officer did not seemed concerned and stated they already ran a preliminary screening so not to be worried. She stated it’s kind of like a secret clearance ( which I’m not familiar with).

Thanks for the feedback amberbunny’, I’ve been with state government for so long I didn’t realize the ton of hoops you go through. I have a question regarding the Arrest question if you don’t mind. I’m trying to be as transparent as possible. When I was 16 I had involvement with law enforcement regarding my stepfather who’s now 35 now and have tried relentlessly to obtain those records but to no avail gone empty handed. How do I handle that when addressing that question. The prosecutor for my county told me he doesn’t retain files 5 years past the juvie offense.
Thanks for any feedback

Unless the incident involved an ever question - you don’t need to report the incident.

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BI is correct. If the arrest was felony related for you, or a drug and alcohol arrest…then it is a “have you ever” question. At 19 plus years since the event it likely is a non issue. That said, items of significance would be murder, etc. I always advise the person investigated to lay this info out for the BI person and clearance division. Always best to explain a situation you know they will see. Doing it right up front is in your favor.

Thanks for the quick response. I did everything possible to try to find such files but to no luck. The charge I believe was juvenile delinquency but with no material or transcript i can’t be for sure.never had a felony or alcohol related issues. I will just try to put it down to the best of my recollection. Also I’m Ignorant on the law surrounding the sf86 so I don’t want to be held liable for an omission that I can’t remember?
Thanks for your expertise

Perjury is an intentional act, you dont know what you dont know and that is what the investigator interview is for.

That said, what would a reasonable person know or not know…If one claims they have no memory of a felony DUI and weapons charge from last month, it might be hard for an investigator to believe. But if you are 52, vaguely recall sitting in a police cruiser in cuffs when you were 14…but do not recall the exact legal charge…maybe. Particularly if you searched juvenile records and there aren’t any or family members cannot fill in the blanks. I lean towards full reporting and never holding back something even remotely disqualifying. Why? Because speaking to embarrassing hijinks reveals character. If you changed your ways and lived clean since, not an issue. But if your past is full of stupid pet tricks…and not much time has passed since…it can be a problem.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I in no way am trying to hide my past I just don’t remember specifically what the issue was. I was never in a probation or diversion program, i know I was taken and finger printed. My security officer apparently ran my finger prints and credit (without my permission) and stated nothing constituted an issue. I put down on the sf86 form that I had arrest/involvement with law enforcement as a juvenile.
Clarification to follow up on previous replies I was told I would get a ssbi but no clearance. My Security officer said they just mail out forms to employers and references so it’s similar to a secret. I’m lost as to why this is not in the top secret type of protocols.
Thanks for everyone’s time

Once you submitted the SF86 yuo signed a release to have your background looked into. That was permission to look into your background. I wouldn’t worry about juvenile offenses as long as you speak to them as much as you can. At the very least I think you would remember the behavior causing police contact. Was it vandalism? Curfew violation? Drugs? Assault? If you wish to claim complete loss of memory…I think that would be a cause for concern. If this was but one of many police contacts and you can’t recall which set of hi-jinks led to the fingerprints and charges…as long as you no longer live life in that manner and time has passed you likely have this mitigated. We are allowed to be young, and make foolish decisions. If it wasn’t a felony charge it most likely will not be an issue.

Hi Csee! I hope you’ve gotten your clearance by now. I was curious, I thought Tier 4 Investigations used the SF85P form… Are you sure you did the SF86?

Hi cousp I was incorrect on the form used during the investigation. The form is the sf86. I was ignorant of the federal background investigations and got incorrect feedback from those who I asked. The investigation is a SSBI that is done with top secret clearance I just won’t receive the actual clearance. They pulled credit but haven’t heard anything since.

Csee, I want to let family and friends know they may be contacted for the SSBI background. Should I prepare them to figure out a place to meet the investigators at or will they send those questionnaire forms to them instead? There is little info on this PT SSBI and how it works. How did this work in your experience?

During my ssbi my friends were contacted and the investigator set a time up with them. 3 out of 4 friends called me to keep me updated. The questions were basic and just identifying if you’re of good character. Don’t sweat the invest and be honest. I was cleared being found suitable and I presume you will as well.

Curious was it in person or over the phone? My dad lives out of country parts of the year and my mom lives across the country. Friends are scattered throughout country…

Thanks for the info! Sounds good.

It was in person. Interviewed 2 friends out of state . I don’t believe they interviewed any family as they are bias. None of my parents were interviewed.

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