Public Trust OF 306 #9 Help

I had a DUI back in 2012 during my college days which was a stupid mistake. After that period, I did not even receive a single ticket. I completed c*=ounseling, probation and all the there requirements for the DUI. I was told that the offense would be cleared after 7 years. Now in 2019, I got a federal job, but not sure how to answer #9 of form 306. I am undergoing a public trust background investigation. I am worried that once I talked about my case on the form, it may disqualify me or some. Please someone, if you have been in a similar situation let me know how it went and any other advice is welcomed.


The best advice is to be honest. If the arrest fell within the 7 years, then list it. You will have the opportunity to give your account of the circumstances. The mitigating factors are your age and the time that has passed(I am not an adjudicator). On the flip side, if it does fall within the 7 years, and you omit it, you will not only be explaining the circumstances of the arrest, but you will also have to explain your lack of honesty. Second scenario is much worse.

Thank you for your advice. I’m not very familiar with the way the security clearance works, so I was worried that they will not give me the chance to explain myself. Since the incident, I have not even gotten a single ticket and I am hoping they will not just terminate me before I even started.

@northstar, actually with OF 306… you may not be given that opportunity as it is a human resources form rather than a security form. Nonetheless, I would advise OP to be honest and brief on that form.

So the issue I have with the forms is that the SF 85P will be asking about my record from 7 years ago, and my issue with the law enforcement falls outside of the 7 years. However, the OF 306 used by my HR is asking about 10 years ago which in fact does not help me because it falls between the 10 years.

They are using an outdated form that would not be accepted for a background investigation. On the OF-306 revised in October 2011 #9 asks going back 7 years.

I asked the HR why not use the OF 306 revised in 2011, but she insisted on using the older version. I wonder if it is because of my state. But, it is federal so the state should not have a say right.