Fired 9years ago

I have been in the same job GSA contractor for 7years, 4 months. I just finished an SF85P in person interview for reinvestigation. Previous background was SF85. Anyway I was fired from a job in June 2006 for posting inappropriate things on a work computer blog. Innuendo, silly, immature things, nothing threatening. Someone got offended and I was fired. During my interview today the “investigator” seemed to pry as to why I was fired. I told them what I remembered. The SF85-P requested 7 years of information, this firing was outside 7 years. Am I going to lose my current job of 7 years plus because of something that occurred 8 years ago plus.

The issue that you were involved in 8 years ago should be mitigated if it was an isolated incident with no other recent conduct. You did not disclose, however, when your previous investigation was and if after your termination if you disclosed it and the reasons on the OF-306 that you should have had to fill out. If this was the case then that will be an issue.

In 2007 when I filled out SF85 I checked that I had been fired from the 2006 job and no one ever asked me about it. I have been on the 07 job since. today they asked about it based on the 07 questionairre not the newest SF 85p I filled out last month because it was outside 7 years so I said no. It would be crazy to lose a job I’ve been on 7 years with no problem but have issues for something I disclosed years ago but was never asked about until now. Thanks for any input.

Private sector sales job in 06,fired for goofing off on work computer.
Found gov contractor job in Aug,07. I disclosed my previous firing in 0 on SF85. No questions asked after filling out SF 85. Dec '14 fill out SF85P For reinvestigation. Interviewer today asked me details of 06 firing. I explaineD what happened. I have had zero issues since working on gov contractor job. I felt no need to list firing from 06 this past December since its outside 7 years. I covered the 7 years on my current job alone.

Should not be an issue if that is the only derogatory information. Investigators are supposed to query you about stuff like that if it was not covered in a previous investigation.