SF-85P With overall bad credit

Hello everyone,

I have some questions in regards to my public trust that is currently being investigated.
Yesterday, I submitted my E-Qip for a public trust clearance so that I can start working as an Air Traffic Controller with a government contract company. I am waiting for a “condition clearance” in order to start my job in a couple weeks. I have outstanding debt that is in collections due to some financial difficulties and overall not knowing how to balance a budget when I was younger. I submitted 4 collections and 1 charge off on the SF-85p.

I’m just stressed about it not accepted because I have the outstanding debts. I’m finally in a situation where I can pay these debts off. I am in the process of contacting the companies so that I can start payment plans.

Does the investigators take into account that I have been paying my bills on time and that I have started making steps to pay off the outstanding debts?

Yes as long as your attempting to pay off the delinquencies you should be OK if there aren’t any other issues to mitigate.

Awesome, thank you. I’ve never had any issues with the police or anything like that. My only worry was the financial portion.

Do they also take into account that I have held a secret clearance for the past 9 years?

Yes they take everything into account. They use the whole person concept. Pluses and minuses.

Of interest to the adjudicator will be the circumstances that led to the debt, what you did about it at the time and what you are doing about it now.

Thank you for the responses,
I will update you guys on what the decision is.

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Hey, This is very similar to the position I’m in. Do you have any update on this?

I just told them the truth and explained my situations and what I was doing to fix them. I got the contracted job. Then the FAA hired me last month using the same investigation.