SF-85P Debt Question

I currently received an interim clearance at the VA (SF-85P). I have been working for a month in a half already. I have been fired from a job last year for violating policy, have 2,000 in debt, smoked marijuana more than 7 years ago socially/occasionally. i have provided response to mitigate everything above to BI. I was open in honest about everything in my past. I’m just so stressed out because I have heard bad stories about jobs being rescinded. What is the likelihood of me receiving a favorable adjudication from everyone’s experience/knowledge? Have you seen worse situations and seen someone past?

The first thing is that an investigation based on the SF-85P does not lead to a “security clearance” but rather a determination that you are suitable of a position requiring “public trust.” So I don’t know if this is so much an interim determination as the agency allowing you to start before the investigation completes.

When you say you have “provided response to mitigate everything above to BI” does that mean you have met with the investigator?

Anyway from what you describe I don’t think there would be any problem. I know it is stressful to be in this situation waiting for the final determination but I don’t think there are any serious concerns here.

As @sbusquirrel stated, you are being considered for a public trust, not a security clearance. Either way, you have not provided enough information in this forum for anyone to make an educated guess as to whether suitability will be favorable. I say “guess” as none of us can say for certain. When you were fired, what policy did you violate and why? Was anyone hurt? Was security or information compromised? Was this self reported or were you found out through other means? Do you have a history of terminations? How many times had you been in trouble before they terminated you? Is your $2000 debt delinquent? Is it in collections? What is the debt for? Why was it incurred? If the debt is delinquent, why is it delinquent? Do you plan to pay it? How? Do you have a history of delinquent accounts? Are you delinquent on any federal debt? Have you failed to pay or file any taxes? Let’s talk about the drugs, why were you using marijuana and why should we believe that you won’t use marijuana again in the future? I’m what settings did you use the drug? Who did you use the drug with? Do you continue to associate with those people? Why? Have you ever had law enforcement involvement due to drug? Any drug classes? Have you used any other drugs? I could go on and on. All of these questions are necessary to properly adjudicate a case. You can’t give limited details and expect honest feedback. Now if support is the only thing you need then I am sure you will be fine, just take a deep breath.