TN visa holder applying for SF85P

I am in US on a temporary work visa (TN). I am from Canada. My employer gave me paperwork for OF306, SF85P BI or MBI (not sure). I am just wondering am I eligible for this check as I am on a temporary visa. Please somebody let me know

In order to run an investigation you must have lived in the U.S. for at least three years or be a legal permanent resident.

Thank you Mr.Hakamaa for the reply. My employer knows that I am in US less than 3 years but still they gave me paperwork for SF85P. Do you think I should let them know before filling the online SF85P form? In case if I submit what will happen? Will my application get rejected right away?

Obviously they are not familiar with OPM investigation request requirements, but if you want the job then fill out the online application so it is out of your hands and let OPM reject it back to the requesting employer.

Hey! I just saw your post and am in the exact same boat. Did you ever get clearance for your moderate public trust clearance on your TN visa?? I am also canadian