SF85P Question #18

I’m currently in the process of attaining a job that requires a public trust and whilst filling out the SF85-P it asks if I’ve ever been investigated by the government. I had one that was started although I withdrew my application and the investigation was cancelled, do I need to answer yes to this question seeing as it wasn’t competed?

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Yes . . . Just explain what the investigation was for and why it was discontinued.

just say yes to keep them in the loop

Will they pull that file since it was for an agency that doesn’t use OPM and it was cancelled?

yes they pull everything.

Okay, the only reason I ask was because I contacted OPM to get a copy of my prior form and they said they didn’t have anything on me besides the fingerprints I did for the upcoming job. Just wasn’t sure how they’d pull it if I can’t even get it, haha.

But thanks for all the help!

OPM wouldn’t have your prior form if they did not do the investigation. Your prior investigation is stored within the security domain and provided as part of your current background investigation.

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