Recent Govt Hire

I’m a recent government employee and was only told by the HR to complete an SF85 (NACI) for entry. I was later informed by the IA officer that my investigation should have been a Secret.

10 years ago, I had to submit an SF86 for the contract position (IT). I completed the form to the best of my knowledge. I wasn’t aware I would have had an fa interview with the investigator when this occurred but it never happened. During those 10 years, I’ve continued to work for 3 contract companies and was laid off in April due to contract downsize. Just months before the unexpected lay off, the FSO has told me that my clearance has/will expired and would need to resubmit for investigation. FSO had also told me that my investigation was classified as an NDM which is No Determination Made. I asked for specifics and he could not me give details as JPAS was undergoing some system change. In any case, the FSO initiated a reinvestigation but was never sent the eqip link. The FSO suggested that he will initiate again 30 days prior to the expiration. Unfortunately, that investigation never got initiated and has expired when i left my position. I did, however, got a chance to speak to another FSO and specifics on what the NDM means. She basically says that because I was a contractor, the company I worked for had to sponsor.

I’m assuming I’ll be submitting an SF86 and I’ve noticed that the content has significantly changed from 10 years ago.
Now to the current situations that I’m concerned about.

  1. I have a credit card debt totalling $47K (4 have balances and 2 with zero balance). My credit usage is at 73%. Prior to the unexpected layoff, I was on a debt snowball plan. Paying more than the minimum.
  2. I have had 2 derogatory remarks that was found on my credit reports in Jan 2018.
    a) It was a “closed” credit card for $26 which was labeled 150 days delinquent. There were no collections made just that creditor closed it. This item was later removed off the report since it has reached the 7 years scope.
    b) I had a medical bill of $89 was marked as 150 days delinquent in 2015. This was paid off but was still listed on the reports as negative. I requested the credit bureuas to remove the item since it was already paid. The item was removed off the reports.
  3. I was unemployed for approximately 4 months (receiving unemployment insurance benefits).

–There was a question on the SF 86 that if I was delinquent over 120 days in the past 7 years.
Should I disclose item 2B since that was in 2015 but its no longer on the credit report?
How do i explain the high credit usage when it was due to frivolous spending but I am working to continue the debt snowball plan now that I’m employed?

Foreign Contacts:
There was a question of if I have ever financial supported a foreign contact.

  • I have an aunt who is a US permanent resident that a rent a room from. Should I enter this information?

I have had no DUI, criminal records, bankruptcies, judgements, court records, or drug/alcohol abuse. I have no mortgage or car loans.

How does this look on me getting a clearance?

Yes, report the known delinquent accounts. You will have the opportunity to provide the documentation that the debts were paid off to the investigator. Report all of the delinquent debts and collections accounts. You seem to be atop of your debts which is a plus.

Yes, report the your daily contact with a foreign national that resides in your house. Unreported, this would cause more harm to your clearance than the few finances you reported.

As for providing financial support - do you give the aunt money or does she simply rent a room, that includes board, from you? Regardless, without knowing the aunt’s citizenship, reporting your aunt on your form would only be a minor bump versus a possible disqualification.

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I rent a room from my Aunt. She is a Philippine National and has US permanent resident card. I pay her monthly of $525.

Questions pertaining to foreign national support are not asked on an SF85. On the 86, answer the questions that are asked “literally.” If you feel there is more explanation needed, put it in the comments section. Credit usage is not considered in the investigation. When asked for 7 years, it means “literally” 7 years, regardless whether it is on the credit report. Report your Aunt and explain the circumstances. There should no be no concern if she is a legal resident.

Thanks Got it. So enter only what is asked on the SF86.

Providing support to foreign nationals (security speak for anyone not a US citizen) is on the SF 86.

Sorry, my reply was confusing. Foreign support is not asked on the 85, but it is asked on the 86.

Even voluntarily requesting to have a credit card account closed can be considered to be “derogatory” credit information!

If you are renting a room from your aunt and actually living in it, you are not providing financial support, you are executing a business transaction. However, you DO have regular, close, contact with a foreign national.

Closing a credit card, voluntarily, may lower your credit score as you are reducing your line of credit. In regards to the background investigation, that is not considered derogatory information on the credit report.