Security Clearance denied

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I begin working for DON in July of 2015 which lasted for 3 1/2 years. During my employment, I was working under a interim clearance. The job required a Secret clearance. I just started working for DOA and just before I started working at the new job, my secret clearance was denied for financial reasons. The new job only requires a NACI which I was able to get. Since my secret clearance was revoked, will that hurt me in the near future or in the new job?

Your clearance wasn’t “revoked” it was “denied” . . . You will have to report on ALL future security forms that you were denied. This will have an effect but you can mitigate it by addressing the financial issue that caused your denial.

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Is it true that after a year I can apply for jobs with a secret clearance?

What were the financial reasons ?

So you were working for Navy, got a job requiring a secet clearance and you got an interim…

You left to take another job with Dept of Army which only required public trust… but while you were there, your secret clearance was denied?

First, did you file an appeal?

Second, you can wait a year, but unless you clear up the financial issues it won’t matter. First thing to do is address the financial issues.

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