Loss of Security Clearance


I waiting to Appear in front of the DOH judge. Why I am waiting for a court date, my job has laid me off of work. If I was to be granted my clearance, can I lose my clearance if I’m not pick up?

I believe that If you have a favorable outcome at the appeals judge, you will be able to use your clearance again on another contract/company, as long as its within 2 years since the clearance has not been utilized. If you were to have an unfavorable outcome, you will need to look for a new opportunity in the commercial sector.

I thought I read you were still working? Yes you can lose your clearance after a certain time if your not using it.

This is an interesting twist… if your case is at DOHA then I assume you do not currently have an active clearance, so the two-year window does not apply. If your appeal is successful, then I guess you would be ‘eligible’ for a clearance and you could put that on a resume. I think. Anyway you can say that you are eligible for secret (or whatever) based on an investigation that closed on such-and-such a date.

I have a secret clearance right now, it has expired so I was put in for and upgrade.

All I can say is that if I were in the same position and I got a favorable decision from DOHA, I would list the clearance (or the eligibility) on my resume and look for cleared jobs.