Security Clearance in Adjudication with Pending Layoff

I have been waiting for my secret for 5+ months, and it went into adjudication in April. I have been told that I could be getting a layoff notice at any time and to apply internally for other roles at other locations.

Scenario 1: I get the secret clearance in time, which might allow me to find something internal or help with other contractors.

Scenario 2: What happens if they do not adjudicate before I am laid off?

Scenario 3: If I am given an SOR, will I have time to appeal it, and what if I am laid off while it is in appeal? Will I still get my day, and if not how will it go down as recorded?

I am asking as I might not find out, or if I do, there could be no time.

I’m not an expert but here’s what I’ve seen/heard:

  1. IBID
  2. Your company will update the system saying you don’t need the clearance anymore. When the Gov sees that, they have the option to stop the process. However, they still MIGHT complete the adjudication if they’re already really close to the end of the process. That’s up to the Gov, not your company. But assume they won’t and be prepared for it.
  3. I’ll let a BI or expert answer this.

FWIW, most companies worth their salt and with half a brain in charge won’t just throw you to the curb if you have a good chance of getting the clearance and they’ve already waited 5 months. That’s a significant waste of time and money on their part. More likely, you can arrange a different interim job or something part time or some such so they can keep you on the payroll until you’re cleared.

Last thing. You’re asking about SOR. Is there a reason you think you will be denied? If that’s the case, then start looking for other jobs now.


If the agency you apply to is part of DOD, then you are assured an appeal.
Caveat, they do have ways to not send SOR and send you into limbo.

  1. If you are laid off before an adjudicative decision & the Co./Agency that requested the BI enters that info into DISS all work on your case stops. IF another Co./Agency picks you up (w/in a reasonable time) they can send a CSR requesting that the process restart based on your most recent BI.
  2. If a SOR has been sent out then that can be dealt with at that time.

If it is a legit layoff, I see company not informing DISS, letting it ride. Happens all the time. Not all Security managers use DISS, some use client only portal, each as different as the next.

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I was let go during my first one, but not laid off. My previous company supposedly canceled it, but it took two more years for the AdW, and only when it finally reached an adjudicator. Ymmv.

The issue is they have no work in the area for which I was hired, or for which several other people were hired because they hired in anticipation of growth and actually lost business. Most of the work for my original job, like 90% was uncleared, and the other 10 percent is way above the clearance for which they submitted me.

Do you have a job that can be done remotely? Some of the big 4’s allow fully remote with Secret eligibility.

Theoretically, but most of the aerospace companies are forcing people back onsite. Sometimes the job needs to be onsife if biilding systems, but sometimes they want people onsite even when not required.

You may still be able to find something labeled as “hybrid”, even though it’s probably actually remote. I suggest haunting the contracting fishbowls. Someone may know of an opening, maybe not exactly where you want to be, but it could get you cleared and open up the other roles at least.