Decision Made but I was not informed?

So after waiting months for the investigation and adjudication process to finish, I called the customer service line and was told that a decision has been made on my case but that I can not be told over the phone what the decision was. I’ve also received no information in the form of an email. I’m wondering why I cannot be told/informed what the outcome of my case was and instead have to go through my employer who is slow to reply. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Your company will only be told “Go/NoGo.” No reasons. You will then get a SOR within 60 days if the answer is no. I always recommend appeal if that option is given. If comfortable, come back and let us know.


How long can an appeal take because I’m meant to start work in 3 weeks? Also am I right to think I was probably cleared if I haven’t heard from my employer telling me I wasn’t? Thanks!

I don’t suppose they told you when the decision was made? Because it might still be winding its way through the system back to you. In some cases, if you are a contractor, the result also has to go through the government customer’s office as well.

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Don’t put the cart before the horse . . . That’s only an issue if you are denied. If you’re not scheduled to start for three weeks, your employer may not be in any rush to pass on the good news. If it’s bad news, they may not be notified.

If you are denied, you will receive a Statement Of Reasons listing the reasons that they don’t want to give you a clearance. It could take a month before you receive this and the process after can tie up additional months. Mine took five months from the time I received the SOR to the judge’s ruling after my hearing.

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Agreed. I’ve been told about Suitability being the present issue and was no longer considered for the role. They can’t tell you via phone nor email; a letter would be sent. Now, when I’d rx’d mine, it didn’t even outline any reasons. In fact, it just stated that I’d been discontinued from being considered. What you’ll need to do, in this event, is submit a Privacy Act request from your (agency) and start that process. It’s what I’d done. Note: I’d received notice in September, requested PAR in Sept. and still haven’t seen it. I’ve called and confirmed it’s in the mail office at the PAR office. SOR’s don’t always just come. *Edit: They’d had my address listed completely wrong, as well. A bit off-putting.